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RetailCraft 06 - Sean McKee from Schuh and the new Growth 2000 index

December 19, 2018

Sean McKee of Schuh joins us for episode 6, and provides his unique combination of dry insight, challenge and humour. In a wide-ranging chat we cover Schuh's proposition and how speed, accuracy and convenience are at the heart of the multichannel approach. Sean reflects on their products being "items in the moment", and due to the availability of brands and product elsewhere, satisfying the customer there and then is vital. We reflect upon the difference between a shoe retailer (single product, annual purchase) and a 'full outfit', multiproduct or department store selling approach. Reflecting upon Sean's ruthless pragmatism at pulling every lever and tweaking every switch, Sean reminds us that the business success depends upon delivering"convenience in the moment for people who are technologically savvy". 

Lucid, fact-filled and open - this is a privileged insight into multichannel commercial thinking.

We segue then to Martin Shaw, Head of Research at RetailX and InternetRetailing, about the newly-released Growth2000 index. This sits below the IRUK Top500 ranking in terms of business size and 'footprint', but reflects a dynamic growth-focused segment.


Run time: 39 minutes.



Sean McKee: 

Jamie Merrick:

Martin Shaw: 

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Recorded on location in London, UK at Spiritland Studios. Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal.



Sean McKee on the cover of InternetRetailing Magazine, November 2017:

 IRM November 2017


InternetRetailing's Growth2000 (G2K) research report:

G2K Cover 2018