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RetailCraft 07 - “Love, comma” - in conversation with Sienne Veit of John Lewis and Alexandre Meerson of Meerson.

January 21, 2019

Sienne Veit, (Director, Digital at John Lewis) and Alexandre Meerson (founder of the eponymous Meerson brand) join us the studio to chat over a range of topics - although we keep coming back to love!

Sienne's role covers a very wide brief and is central to John Lewis' drives to be a multichannel, digitially-enabled, customer-centred business. We learn about the role, and the John Lewis approach to innovation, plus the role of digital in the UK's favourite retailer.

Alexandre then takes us on a creative and commercial journey - a rare and privileged insight into the founding of a brand, the obsession with design and experience, and how to grow a brand that was born digitally yet is rooted in the personal and the exceptional. 


Run time: 45 minutes.




Sienne Veit: and 

Alexandre Meerson: and 

Jamie Merrick:

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Recorded on location in London, UK at Spiritland Studios. Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal.