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RetailCraft 01 - David Kohn of Heals - “probably the most skeptical man in the industry”? Surely not!

July 27, 2018

A half hour's discussion on the people behind the performance in multichannel retail.

In this episode David Kohn, eCommerce and Customer Service Director at Heals joins Ian Jindal in the studio, along with Emma Herrod, Editor of InternetRetailing Magazine and Jamie Merrick, Director Industry Strategy and Insights at Salesforce.

We discuss customers' expectations and how these can be satisfied given an iconic brand, store and product range. David's take is a very distinctive blend of pragmatism and high standards. David 'opens the kimono' on his thoughts on experience, brand and customer intent. He claimed to be 'probably the most skeptical man in the industry' - can that be true?

Emma Herrod looks at the grocery sector following the recent interview with the Co-op in the May issue of InternetRetailing Magazine. Covering innovations from face recognition to 'hidden technology' that is invisible to the customer while supporting the store staff.


32 minutes run-time.



David Kohn:  

Jamie Merrick:

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Recorded on location in London, UK at Spiritland Studios. Episode photo credit: Andy James.


We reference the May 2018 issue of InternetRetailing Magazine, featuring Chris Conway, the Coop's Head of Digital.