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RetailCraft 10 - “Danish Jewels” - visiting Georg Jensen and Pandora in Copenhagen, with Ian Jindal

June 27, 2019

This month we’ve let Ian Jindal out of the studio, and he’s been on a road trip to Copenhagen. Ian was there to host a RetailCraft Dinner, where we bring together the people behind brands’ successes for an off-the-record evening of conversation. During the day, however, he visited two Danish-yet-global jewellery brands to see how they are delivering multichannel sales and experience.

First stop was the Georg Jensen HQ where Ian met with Will Lockie, the global head of e-commerce. Will showed Ian around the silversmiths workshops. Photos of the visit are linked below.

We then visited David Walmsley, recently appointed as chief digital and omnichannel director at Pandora.

The craft and product focus within both of these businesses is exceptional, and we learn from both David and Will some of the challenges and approaches of running a global operation.


Run time: 49 minutes.



Will Lockie: 

David Walmsley:  

Ian Jindal: and


Recorded on location in London, UK at Spiritland Studios, and in Copenhagen at the offices of Georg Jensen and Pandora. Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal. Photograph of Will Lockie and a bust of Georg Jensen in their foyer, along with silversmiths’ hammers.

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