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RetailCraft 14 - “We’re never monotone” - Fortnum & Mason and Liberty London

November 16, 2019

Podcasts really shouldn’t be this much fun! The word “iconic” is for once apt, as we have a wide-ranging chat in the studio with these two UK-yet-global retailers, Fortnum & Mason, and Liberty London. With over 400 years of history being them we hear how focus, sticking to your DNA and having a real personality infuse both retailers.


Zia Zareem-Slade (Customer Experience Director at Fortnum & Mason) and Eric Fergusson (Ecommerce Director at Liberty London) join Jamie Merrick and Ian Jindal in our London studio.


We discuss their roles, what makes their businesses distinctive, “a celebration of the exceptional” and retail ‘as a movement’; from ‘joy-giving gifts’ to being ‘more relevant to more people more often’, via ‘how I got my job’. During this free-ranging conversation you’ll certainly agree that they are ‘never monotone’.


We mention the insta feeds a couple of times in the podcast so do get a slice of the glamour at and

Run time: 45 minutes.



Gail Schuman:


Robin Phillips:

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Recorded on location in London, UK at Spiritland Studios. Episode photo credit: Ian Jindal.

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